Creative Photomanipulations by Nois7

  Offering on his Instagram account several creations, the German photographer and art director Robert Jahns better known under

Food Art by Anna Keville Joyce

  After creative dishes of Hong Yi we talked on Fubiz, it is the turn of Anna Joyce Keville to introduce ourselves these culinary creations. Entitled “A Tribute to Budgie”, this series of works representing different species of birds made ​​based food products. Creations to discover later in the article.   Fubiz

Top 10 places you must see in town of love – Paris, France

  Paris is the capital and largest city of France. It is situated on the river Seine, in

Crossroad of Realities

  Photographer Benoit Paillé had the excellent idea with his series “Crossroad of Realities” to try to erase the boundary between actual shooting photo and video games. Using images from the game Grand Theft Auto V, so this series offers the possibility to return to the screen of the screen, and manages to plunge us

Photoshop In Real Life by Flora Borsi

  The talented photographer Flora Borsi, based in Budapest, has made a very funny series called “Photoshop In

Vivian Maier Photography

  In 2011, two years after her death, the photographer Vivian Maier became famous with her black and white photos taken in the 50-60′s in the streets of New York and Chicago. We can see photos of a rare beauty and a city routine with crying and wandering children or a sleeping street newspaper seller

Cinematography by Maiko Takeda

  For his College’s degree collection, the artist Maiko Takeda created a series of collars, hats, bracelets and corsets for his project “Cinematography” which originality is in the fact that each piece of clothes reflects a shadow and an image on the model’s body lit up by a spotlight.   Fubiz

Wild Animals Stuck in Subway

  With “Animétro”, the two photographers Clarisse Rebotier and Thomas Subtil stage wild animals enjoying the joys of the Parisian subway. A giraffe enjoys the aerial subway, an ostrich talks with the driver, a lion passes without any ticket, does wait at Porte St-Ouen and an elephant takes the line 5 with its bird on its back.

The Most Beautiful Cherry Blossom Photos of 2014

  We have made for you on Fubiz a compilation of the best cherry blossoms photos taken in 2014, by Japanese photographers or photographers that have travelled in the cherry tree country. The pictures of these beautiful and very inspiring white and pink trees are to discover in the next part of the article.   Fubiz

Travel Photographer of the Year 2013

  Each year, the Travel Photographer of the Year jury awarded different prizes to celebrate the most beautiful photographs taken through the four corners of the globe . For the year 2013, Timothy Allen who won the prestigious title of Photographer of The Year 2013. His photographs and a selection of different images put forward