The Johammer J1 Motorcycle

  In addition to its design and its original and innovative aesthetics, motorcycle Johammer J1, designed and produced in Austria, is the first electric motorcycle series capable of reaching beyond 200 km thanks to its supply system innovative energy. A beautiful setting for lovers of design and technology to discover photos later in the article.

Make a Splash With Tropical Interior Design

  It’s time to visit the tropics! If not by plane, then by a touch of design magic! Tropical interior design can involve the use of natural materials, such as wicker, rattan, bamboo and teak. Then again, many Hollywood Regency-style rooms filled with glossy furnishings go tropical with the help of fabrics featuring palm leaves,

Room Collection Furniture System

  Room Furniture Collection System, designed by Erik Olovsson & Kyuhyung Cho provides you with 25 blocks of

Odd Pears Socks Campaign

  Australian socks brand Odd Pears fonded by Brock Sykes asked the graphic designer Leta Sobierajski to create the set design of their new polka dotted socks’ campaign. Very colorful, the socks are associated to fruits, the whole with conceptual compositions.   Fubiz

Clouds by Berndnaut Smilde

  After his series Nimbus in 2012, Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde comes back with his series “Antipodes” in which he makes his creating-clouds machine work again. The clouds are made thanks to a modification of the room’s temperature and humidity, they are accentuated by lights.   Fubiz

Magic Pencil Earphones

  For 20 €, you can get these original earphones designed byt Megawing and called Magic Pencil Earphones. Available in three colors, these earphones are compatible with smartphones and proposes a design for the least original, giving the impression of a pencil stuck in your ears.   Fubiz

Exotic House in Rio de Janeiro

  Gisele Taranto Arquitetura has built the “Tempo House” by a refurbishment of a colonial house in Rio de Janeiro. The architect kept the exotic dimension with the nature, the plants and the trees. Divided in 2 blocks, the house has a SPA, a home cinema, a patio and a swimming pool. A beautiful house

Farmland Shed Converted To A Modern Cabin

  On a farmland in the countryside city Victoria in Australia, Australian firm Branch Studio Architects has converted an old cabin to a modern sustainable minimalist wooden house. The home called “The Pump House” is located near a lake and has a charming and warm interior. A singular cabin to discover below.   Fubiz

Colorful Design Illustrations

  Based in Helsinki, Janine Rewell is an illustrator and graphic designer who uses a lots of intense colors and geometric forms for her creations. Between design and folklore, a selection of her illustrations is available in the next part of the article.   Fubiz

Cut Food Series

  Beth Galton, photographer specializing in food shots which we have already spoken, achieved with the help of food stylist Charlotte Omnes, this second series of photographs called “Cut Food.” Foods become more complex over the experience: popcorn, stuffed turkey, sodas and other foods to discover later in the article.   Fubiz